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  • Dr. Selzer interview - a secular humanist surgeon and writer who discusses pretending to be a priest to a dying catholic patient, and also discusses body donation
  • Awakenings - based upon neurologist Oliver Sack's book about the transient resurrection of essentially comatose patients with encephalitis lethargica via L-DOPA. Dr. Sachs' other books are the source of more than a few House episodes.
  • Ikiru - coming to terms with cancer and death as a bureaucrat in postwar Japan
  • Equilibrium - "...a future dystopia where both feelings and artistic expression are outlawed and citizens take daily injections of drugs to suppress their emotions" - I would describe this as wonderfully ridiculous
aging: why should we put up with it if we don't have to? neuro surg id obgyn Cosmetic Pharmacology, psych, and DSM-IV
healthcare economics and policy et al.